1997 Red Honda Del Sol

Another college car special. This car was purchased for $450.00 to be a parts car for the 1993 White Honda Del Sol project. However, upon close inspection, it was in much better shape; mainly the body. Even though it had pretty banged up front fenders and hood, the main structure of the car was in … Read more

1993 Blue Isuzu Trooper 4×4

One of our earlier videos where we remove and rebuild (ok put back together) a power-steering pump. Not shown are other various repairs including replacement of a radiator, brakes, etc. It was a good solid vehicle that was a “trooper”. It certainly lived up to its name.

1992 White Toyota Pickup Truck

We’ve owned quite a few of these basic Toyota Pickups over the years. The very first vehicle I purchased new was a 1992 Black Toyota pickup, with a big splurge of an Aiwa sound system which I loved. From there we’ve owned a couple white ones, a green one, and a blue one. All ran … Read more

1986 Red Pontiac Fiero aka “FIERTO”

Episode 1 “Field Fresh” Episode 2 The Tow Home Episode 3 First Wash Episode 4 Cleaning It Out Episode 5 Cleaning the Frunk Episode 6 Cleaning the Interior Episode 7 No Clutch Episode 8 Let’s Fix The Clutch Episode 9 Coolant System Episode 10 Water Pump Belt and Radiator Hoses Episode 11 Fan Relay Episode … Read more

1993 White Honda Del Sol

We saw this poor thing on the side of the road one day and asked if it was for sale. It was. They wanted $6-700.00… No way. If you look at the first video, every single major panel has damage, on top of which, it was running very poorly and smoking pretty badly. They accepted … Read more