2002 Honda Civic EX

First exterior wash

We purchased this as an upgrade to an earlier HONDA CIVIC we bought and sold in short order. Think black spray paint. This car had issues, primarily the transmission slipped and was going out. Amongst a bunch of miscellaneous repairs. Read the rest of the story at the end of the post.

First Honda exterior wash

Replacing battery on key fob

Replacing key fob battery for Honda Civic

Installing Bosch platinum spark plugs

Repair, reattach, re-glue car door moldings and trim

Repairing car moldings and trim

Fix cloudy headlights – Attempt 1

Fixing Honda cloudy headlights

Fix cloudy headlights – Attempt 2

Fix Honda Civic cloudy headlights

Change cabin air filter

Change Honda air filter

Fix SRS Code 9-3 drivers side seatbelt

Fix Honda SRS Code 9-3 drivers side seatbelt

Fix no start no power

No start no power on Honda

Bad thermostat wreaking havoc

Bad Honda thermostat

Transmission Rebuild 1 – Drain AT fluid, remove tires.

Honda Civic Drain Automatic Transmission Fluid

Transmission Rebuild 2 – Remove splash shield

Remove Honda Transmission splash shield

Transmission Rebuild 3 – Remove battery and battery tray

Remove Honda battery and battery tray

Transmission Rebuild 4 – Remove air intake

Remove Honda air intake

Transmission Rebuild 5 – Disconnect starter cables

Disconnect Honda starter cables

Transmission Rebuild 6 – Disconnect trans ground

Remove Honda trans ground

Transmission Rebuild 7 – Disconnect shaft speed sensor

Disconnect Honda shaft speed sensor

Transmission Rebuild 8 – Disconnect VSS connector

Disconnect Honda VSS connector

Transmission Rebuild 9 – Remove ATF cooler hoses

Remove Honda ATF cooler hoses

Transmission Rebuild 10 – Disconnect solenoids

Disconnect Honda transmission solenoids

Transmission Rebuild 11 – Disconnect wire clips

Disconnect Honda wire clips

2002 Honda Civic EX Repair – fix common oil leak, loose dipstick & gasket

Fix Honda oil leak, loose dipstick and gasket

We had this car for a number of years. After rebuilding the transmission, it ran perfectly and was the go to for our youngest as a daily driver. It’s a relatively easy car to work on with parts being readily available.

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