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The Best Way To Paint Around Recessed Lighting

This is the best way I've found to prep and paint around recessed lighting.

Man Vs Van 4 Radiator Removal And Harmonic Balancer Inspection

Removing the radiator wasn't too bad. Too bad the harmonic balancer / crankshaft pulley is toast. The bolt sheared off. Next step is to see if I can remove the broken bolt. Any suggestions? Tips? Been there done that's? Removed splash shield Removed radiator brackets Drained radiator Removed transmission coolant lines and plugged them Removed fan shroud Removed transmission and fan shroud Called Ford Parts store - $208 for the crankshaft/harmonizer $30 for the bolt.p.s. The clips in this video are in reverse sequence.Always happy to answer questions.

Man vs Van 3 Air Filter Box Removal

Man vs Van - 2 Battery removal

Peppermint Ice Cream

Krups Hand Mixer

Unboxing a new hand mixer made by Krups

Man vs Van - 1

Who will break first? Oh wait, the, you'll see.

Harbor Freight Wheel Dollies - Unboxing, Warranty, Warnings

Unboxing some wheel dollies for an upcoming project.

Apple Crisp

Home made apple crisp

Chocolate Chip Brownies

Quick fix

Workbench Teardown

It worked fine, but now I have something better in mind.

Guitar String Hack

This is what happens when someone gets tired of waiting for new guitar strings.

Spider In The Sink

Eensy weensy spider...

How to Stop Car Battery Cable Corrosion - see desc.

Car wouldn't start and it seemed like it was just a loose battery cable, however, there was some significant corrosion.The tip is to put a dab of dielectric grease on the visible areas of the cable AFTER cleaning and tightening everything down.

Crown Mold Sanding Dust Catcher

An old vacuum, some cardboard, tape and there you have it.It works. I hold it with one hand underneath where I'm sanding with the other.

Canon Printer Error 5100 - How to fix - mx310 disassembly - see desc.

I'm glad I took the time to make this repair. I really like this printer because it's super easy to refill the ink so my per page price is really cheap.I removed the back 5 screws. I removed the side, 2 screws. I removed the white tray and cleaned it. Note that I used a turkey baster to suck any liquid back out of the two tubes. The spring on the bottom was tricky, but not unmanageable. After all this, I still got the 5100 error.Here's the kicker. A week or so back I was removing some trim in the same room and busting it up to put in the garbage. A piece of wood must have flown into the paper feeder... THAT was the problem.Moral of the story, do a more thorough visual inspection prior to disassembly. I think if I just had removed the wood piece, the printer would have been fine, and I wouldn't have needed to take things apart.On the positive side, I know how to take apart this printer, and I was able to clean up the inside a bit.TIPS: Take your time, wiggle the side plastic pieces to figure out where the tabs are and how they might release. I leave the plug off of the print cartridge after refilling. When I put the plug in, the ink doesn't flow. Also, I use a ink jet cleaner fluid to clean the jets on the ink cartridge. When it's more clogged, I'll put a bit of the cleaning fluid directly into the ink. Works great!Happy to answer any questions.

The Best Way To Remove Latex Paint From WIndow Frames - see description

Nail polish remover Paper towels Plastic putty knife Metal putty knife Q-tipsWhat I did was used the Q-tip to wet the paint areas with nail polish remover to soften up the paint. Then I used the plastic putty knife and then switched over to the metal putty knife and gently scraped the paint away. Then wiped down with plain water and paper towels.We used a well worn putty knife that was worn. the angle at which you hold the putty knife is i portant as to not scrape the finish off of the window frame.At your own risk!It's not perfect but a huge improvement that took hardly any effort or time.

One Of The Best Cheapest Ways To Keep Jobsite Remodel Dust To A Minimum

Cheap box fan and an air furnace filter. Works incredibly well for both the workers as well as the homeowner to remove the fine floating dust.

Carpet to Tile Doorway Transition - Tip in desc.

Sans all of the specialty tools, this turned out ok. Don't nail. Use hot glue.

Kobalt Lowes Folding Carpet Knife - unboxing, warranty, directions

This Kobalt folding carpet knife worked great and came with 10 replacement blades.

The Best Way To Keep Paint Off The Carpet When Painting Baseboards - see desc.

We've done the plastic drop coths, canvas, tape, etc. This method, hands down works the best. Like anything there is a method that helps make it fast. A plastic wide, 4" or 6" putty knife would have minimized tearing. -hence the green tape patches.The trick is the angle of the knife, and holding the paper up from the bottom edge of the baseboard about 1/4 inch.Thin paper won't work nearly as well as the thicker contractor paper roll.Happy to answer questions. 🙂

Grain Master Whisper Mill - 10 Years Old and still running strong - course, medium, fine experiment

We've had this grain mill for over a decade and it has worked absolutely fantastic (NOT A PAID ENDORSEMENT). I wanted to use a fine, medium, course setting and see what the difference was. I have a hand grinder I use for super course cracked wheat cereal.Visually, there isn't much difference that you can see, but when you rub the flour between your fingers, there is a distinguishable difference between them.The biggest difference was when you sifted out the bran. You can see that the particles are different in size and we're wondering if the courser setting would allow us to sift out more of the bran which works great for some recipies

Watermelon Vinegar - DIY Experiment Day 1 - How to make your own fruit scrap vinegar.

We're having some good luck with our fruit scrap vinegar so we decided to see how watermelon would do. This is from the watermelon we grew in our organic garden. We put some of the plum vinegar "mother" in the bottom and then added the fruit scraps and a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar to help get it started.

I Know It's Gross - but I'm curious - maggots in the vinegar mash

As noted in a prior video, I believe these to be a simple fly, similar to a vinegar fly. They lay eggs under the skin of the fruit, the maggots develop, drop to the ground, pupate, repeat. I'm just going to watch them over the next few weeks and take some videos because - science - . I'm curious.

DIY Plum Vinegar - Day 29 Bottling - and maggots

This was interesting. If you saw our cantaloupe vinegar, we had a crust of mold on top. This time, with the plums we had worms / maggots. I looked them up and I think they are some sort of vinegar fly relative. Apparently these flies lay eggs under the skin of the fruit, the maggots mature, drop to the ground, and then pupate and then repeat the process. I've decided not to care if I consumed these in the raw plums. Apparently they're harmless and non-parasitic to humans. Seeing them on the vinegar. I'm more curious than anything. The vinegar portion was fine. It's been bottled up as you can see. It tastes pretty good too.

The Last and Best Watermelon of 2017 - harvested Oct 1 - sweet and delicious

We harvested this beauty right before we had our first frost. The rind was surprisingly strong. This tasted fantastic!

Quick Fix DIY Furniture Couch Sofa Frame with Screws

I've already reinforced these couches with plywood underneath the cushions, now I'm reinforcing these bottom support pieces. Originally they were just stapled in and they worked their way loose. Using a drill and a few trim screws. Worked great!

Supplies Suprise - plumbing, sanding, paint prep.

Porter Cable sandpaper rolls, paper for taping off millwork, blue tape, and a tool to drill out a drain pipe to get to work with a vanity with a drawer.

Match Knockdown Texture Around Doorway

Match Knockdown Texture Around Doorway

Changing Out Light Switches and Outlet Receptacles

Changing out light switches and outlet receptacles that are worn out.

Organic Chicken Sandwich

A delicious chicken sandwich made with organic ingredients.

Old vs. New Outlet Receptacle - Which is made better?

I was replacing some outlets because the old ones were simply worn out. When you plugged something in, the plug was so loose it would fall out.What I noticed when buying new outlets, was that they were significantly lighter than the old ones. I was thinking the old ones had more significant amounts of conductive metal inside...As you can see from the video, the inner brass(?) pieces from both outlets weigh exactly 10 grams. So, I'm pretty sure the weight difference is in the nonconductive carriage / plastic parts.When busting these apart, the old one took multiple wacks, the new one took one wack. If that means anything. The old one had a significant rivet (weight), while the new one had an arrow shaped tang on the top and bottom and then heat / glue? holding the two halves together.Satisfied my curiosity. The new ones will do just fine.

The Best Organic Weed Killer Vinegar - Step One - kitchen scraps and the mother

Using leftover mother from the canteloupe vinegar project, we blended up a bunch of veg & fruit scraps and then topped it off with about 1/2 cup of sugar and purified water. Not sure how long it will take to turn to vinegar,...might not even touch this until Spring.Happy to answer any questions.Couple of tips: Refrigerate your kitchen scraps. Borrow/buy/use a funnel.Also, I put this in a clear water bottle because I wanted to see what happened. This is not for human consumption. I could have used 5 gallon buckets and if this works, I probably will, and then set out a sprayer filled with it at the local community garden in hopes some of my spray happy neighbors might be willing to give it a try.

Canteloupe Vinegar - Day 20 - bottle, mold, mother, test pH. Smells canteloupie.

I let this go longer than intended. I was going to bottle it up / test it at day 10. It's day 16. The pH was 3.0. I think the ideal is 5.0? If you know, please feel free to comment. This was the first time I've made vinegar. Probably a rookie mistake to not put a weight on top of the fruit to keep the mold to a minimum but it doesn't bother me.The vinegar,...well,... I wasn't brave enough to taste it. But, it did smell pretty incredible once I moved the mold mass away. It smells like wangy canteloupe. I think it might make a good dressing? Once I get over my squeemishness.

Kitchenaid brushes bought from Amazon were crap, but fixable. See description.

We bought some replacement brushes for the Kitchenaid Heavy Duty Mixer that has served us dutifully for two decades. I was hoping for a quick fix.These were off-brand, decent reviews? They were too big and wouldn't fit.I pushed one side in with a bit too much force...unfortunately.The other side I gently took a fine file to and after just a bit of filing it fit.The mixer still doesn't work. There is power to the mixer. The motor just won't engage.I'll be tearing it down soon to see if I can't figure out the problem...

Zen Garden Fresh Best Homemade Tomato Sauce From Fresh Heirloom Organic Tomatoes

This turned out so incredibly delicious. Vine ripened heirloom organic tomatoes. We already made a few cheese pizzas on homemade flatbread and YUM!Here's a list of the ingredients: Heirloom organic tomatoes. 1 jalapeno pepper 1tbs butter 2tbs olive oil 1 large onion 7 cloves of garlic 1 stalk of celery dried italian seasoning dried oregano dried parsley fennel seeds chili flakes sugar Apple Cider Vinegar Slice of lemon salt pepperSauces like this...we don't really measure anything, but you can get a general idea of how much we used by watching the video.

Lowes Closet Organizer Install - How Long Does It Take?

Part 2 - Installation. I had two to install. The first one took about 10 hours. Mainly because there were quite a few configurations we could have put this into. One would have given us about 8 feet total of pole / shelf, the other about 6 feet. One thing we didn't want to do was have the cabinet on the floor. The bottom of the cabinet uses the same shelving which is slats so that would have just become a dust / spider haven. There were a couple of things with the kit. Some of the pieces, as you might expect were missing, some screws and a cam lock. Some of the pieces were also slightly inconsistent. All in all though, this company makes a nice solid wood closet organizer. I'm impressed. Each side was just under $500.00. The second side only took about 6 hours including cleanup. I imagine I could do a third one in even less time.

Amazon Basics DSLR Remote Guide - Gel Pens - Guitar Cable

A few purchases to help us art project....a music project...and, a photography/videography project. The Amazon basics DSLR remote was a little perplexing to set up but not hard, and it works pretty good but you have to really push the button on the remote hard in order for it to send a signal.

Lowes Wood Closet Organizer Kit unboxing inspection directions

Unboxing some closet organizers made from real wood vs. the other pressboard types. So far so good.NOT an ad or endorsement.

Plum Vinegar - Day 1 How to make your own vinegar.

These plums were slightly past their eating prime so we decided to make vinegar out of them. We blended them up and put 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of ACV and put them up in a shelf that is about 70-75 degrees in the pantry. Check back later!

Best Way To Peel Garlic Cloves - Shake them in a metal pan. It works!

Peeling garlic cloves the super easy and fast way! Bust up the head of garlic, put all the cloves in a metal sauce pan, put the lid on and shake vigorously for about a minute! Works great!

The Best Way To Store Extra Garlic Cloves

You need a few cloves of fresh garlic for a recipe. What do you do with the rest? Here's a tip on how to store those extra garlic cloves indefinitely in Olive Oil. What are your tips?

Pocket Door Brushed Nickel Locking Handle Unboxing and Directions

Unboxing and directions for DIY pocket / sliding door handle with a lock / locking.

Canteloupe Vinegar Recipe - Day 2

Put a mark on the bottle because I'm curious as to what happens over time. I guess technically, this is the 24hr mark so 1 day has passed.

Canteloupe Vinegar Recipe - Day 1

Organic garden canteloupe scraps, tablespoon of ACV, tablespoon of sugar, purified water.Day one.

First Canteloupe, Is It Ripe?

A smaller canteloupe that was super tasty. Countertop ripened.

Garden Bounty - Is this watermelon ripe?

This was the first watermelon...well, second, someone pilferred the first one which was signiciantly larger. We decided to harvest this one before it was stolen too. Which led to some haste on our part, as you can see. LIve and learn. It had a really nice flavor in the center and would have been awesome if we left it to vine ripen. Garden thieves...grrrr.

The Ultimate DIY Exercise Device made from 2x4's

Stair Climber, Push Ups, Leg Lifts, Bench Press, Dead Lift, Power Squats. IT does it all. MAde feom scrap 2x4 pieces and a bunch of reused screws.

2x4 Decor - Standing Desk Drafting Table

One of the most useful things I've ever built. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of woodworking drawings / proposaless on this baby proving that you don't need fancy things to be successful. For posterity.

Changing Magic Mouse Batteries To Energizer Rechargables.

It seems like we have gone through a ton of batteries lately. Mouse batteries seem to last a month? We're rededicating ourselves to rechargables. This video is for date reference.