1994 Toyota Tercel – “good intentions”

We were looking for a small car to take apart as a learning experience. When we found this 1994 Red Toyota Tercel and it was in good enough shape that we thought we might be able to rebuild the engine and get it back on the road.

Step 1 Remove the Hood

Removing the hood on a 1994 Toyota Tercel.

Step 2 Remove the Battery

Removing the battery.

Step 3 Remove Air Intake

Removing the air intake.

Step 4 Remove Air Filter Housing

Removing the air filter housing.

Step 5 Remove Engine Under Covers

Removing the engine under covers.

Step 6 Remove Radiator

Remove radiator and trim piece.

Remove Accelerator Cable

Remove accelerator cable and others.

Remove Speedometer Cable

Remove speedometer cable.

Remove Transaxle Cables

Remove transaxle cables.

Remove Clutch Slave Cylinder

Remove clutch slave cylinder.

Remove Exhaust Pipe

Remove the exhaust pipe.

Remove Drive Shafts

Remove drive shafts.

Remove Engine

Remove Engine

Remove Transmission

Remove manual transmission housing.

Bolt Engine to Stand

Bolt engine to Harbor Freight engine stand.

Remove Valve Cover

Remove valve cover.

Remove Manifold Heat Shield

Remove exhaust manifold heat shield.

Remove Timing Belt Cover

Remove upper timing belt cover.

Remove Oil Pan

Remove oil pan and drain oil.

As you can see, when we removed the oil pan we discovered a bunch of metal pieces. At this point we researched replacement engines. The cost of which was much more than what the vehicle was worth so we shifted gears and started taking parts off and selling them on Ebay. We recouped what we paid for the car originally and made even more when we sold the car…

To The Scrap Yard

The End.

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