scrap wood car ramps

Scrap Wood Car Ramps V1

I built a set of scrap wood car ramps. In my mind, I saw things going much better. I need to practice driving up car ramps.

Car ramps at the auto store aren’t that expensive. I just thought, hey, I have all these wood pieces, why not make a set of my own that will cost literally nothing?

First I gathered up some willing 2x material which in past lives has been used over and over for a variety of projects.

Then I cut up pieces, alternating the orientation 90 degrees for strength.

Found some old glue and that was a no-go.

Found some old adhesive tubes and used these. I didn’t worry about slathering it all over the place, I just wanted a bit of a bond between layers of wood. I had just enough. One tube per.

After pre-drilling some holes in the 2x pieces I grabbed my bucket of everything screws and used re-purposed 2 1/4″ screws to screw everything together.

So let’s talk about Version 2.0. Do you have any ideas on how to use what we have but improve it so these cheap, essentially free car ramps will work better? I have some ideas, but I’m curious what you think?

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