soaker hose irrigation drip line

Soaker Hose Drip Irrigation

Soaker hose drip irrigation is useful. In this garden bed we’ve taken out a bunch of old and dead plants, and ripped out all the landscape fabric and old watering drip system. We also amended the soil with worm bed castings, compost, and peat moss.

One of the tricky things with these 1/4″ drip irrigation soaker lines is that it’s hard to regulate pressure. In the past when we’ve used these we get too much water in one spot and not enough in others.

To [attempt] to alleviate that problem we ran a central line, then cut the soaker hose into 10″ pieces and attached both ends to that central line.

It works marginally well. You can see at the end of the video that the plants (and prolific weeds) are all doing pretty great considering the poor soil conditions.

We’ve set up the watering schedule in four – 5 minute strategic times per day. It’s 98 degrees out today and nothing is wilting from the heat that we can tell. We’ll lower the watering time to 4, 3 or even 2 minutes depending on how hot and windy it is.

Thoughts – We probably won’t use this in other areas of the yard / garden due to the inconsistency. Where we put the plugs in, and had to push on the hose, it seemed to fracture or compromise the line and now those areas disperse a higher volume than the rest of the line. Not sure how to avoid this? It was a cheap solution that allowed us to plant vegetables in this space and, it works so we’re grateful to have it. Also, look at that planter!

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