Garage Workshop Ventilation

Garage Workshop Ventilation (Under $20!)

Welcome to Saturday Projects™ Garage Workshop Ventilation (Under $20) post. As we’ve been reorganizing the garage, one of the things I’ve wanted to do is install some type of ventilation without cutting holes in the walls or roof.

An exterior door window gave us an opportunity to do so.

Step 1 – Inspect and remove window and trim. Notes: Door has some rain damage that we’ll need to fix later.

Step 2 – Cut 2×6 ledge piece for fan to sit on.

Step 3 – Use a piece of scrap 1/4 hardboard to make frame for screen material.

Step 4 – Cut and tape window screen to 1/4 hardboard frame.

Step 5 – Install screen and place fan on ledge.

Step 6 – Plug in. Works!!

Project Thoughts – Yes, there is a security concern, but we are not anticipating anyone climbing through our hedges, up onto our deck and in through that window to steal a few crappy tools. Our main door to the garage is as secure as the front door to house. Also, this is not a year-round solution. Before it starts raining hard again this fall, we’re going to re-seal everything on the door that had water damage and re-paint / caulk the window so it’s weather-proof and better than before.

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